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While at the same shopping center developers Dajian , but retailers are shelved its expansion plans , the number of last year, 65% of luxury retailers to open new stores in China less than expected ."FMCG rise of brand building to meet the " fast brand era"Gome electricity supplier responsible person also said that after integration , the United States is expected to be completed online and offline members share information within three months , the United States can achieve the fastest electric provider business profitable within six months . Air Jordan 10 57 billion yuan , an increase of 21% ; net profit of 371 million yuan , an increase of 27.Fifth, is the high-end brand of clothing enterprises.

Chengdu is the worlds third-largest city is busy building a shopping center , and in the end of 2011, Chengdu s commercial complex project had exceeded 100 , there are plans to build an area of ??10 million square meters or more. Nike Air Max TN Men Manufacturing of the first to predict the future , the traditional manufacturing industry will be difficult , large-scale advertising to mass production era came to an end .Although yogurt , cheese , milk beverage production growth of Chinas dairy industry in recent years is very prominent, but the pattern has not changed .

Compared to last year , consumers buy fewer goods .Now, many charitable activities and fashion together, top brands are in the title , sponsor , or provide banquet form of participation in the auction and other items to charity , so that a love of the protagonists activities to become more lively and colorful . Nike Air Max Trainer Men Combined with world brand mobile phones : NOKIA 7270 Versace launched a limited editionFebruary 14th day of the fourth floor of the mall LED large screen in prime time ( 20:00-21:00 ) will be ready for all-weather lovers who your true confession by the large LED screen in the live broadcast.Third -quarter same- store sales growth of 7% , with the second -quarter growth rate is basically the same .Although the relevant data for the entire industry has not fully statistics , but the front-line delivery of information , the day Chinese department store industry in 2013 will not be good in 2012 .

Nike Air Max 2014 Men "This year for Eslite , the greater will be a tough battle .According to Ding Jingtao revealed excellent dish network had introduced two engaged in a traditional supermarket fresh on-site management staff.Pacific , intra Ito dedicated disabled toilets grid was widely praised , and cause merchandise hard to find the toilet is broken so that " undercover " stand it , Moore Parkson female toilet odor so that " undercover " paramour.How to reduce the cost of circulation , thus expanding consumption ?This has been one of the things advocated the Ministry of Commerce .At present , China s clothing online shopping while running on thousands of companies when , Battle of the market , has just begun.Look forward to working very optimistic about the Chinese marketFW: previous export products abroad it?RB: relatively small, only Russia , Romania , Iran and Iraq, several countries , the United States now have six light agents, orders over 60,000 pairs .